Appreciating your time, we can count your furniture projects by interactive method. The only thing you have to do is to send the sketches by E-mail: dainius@retrumbaldai.lt and we will contact you within 24 hours. You can compare prices with our competitors and choose the best manufacturer at an affordable price. RETRUM BALDAI also provides design services. Qualified designers – projectors will come to your place and offer you a proposal in a few days. Thank you for using RETRUM BALDAI services and we expect successful mutual cooperation.

Why is it worth to cooperate with RETRUM ?

  • Professionalism and experience in furniture manufacture;
  • Attractive prices;
  • Individual access;
  • Flexible terms of manufacture;
  • Great choice of materials, fitting and accompanying goods;
  • Manufacture of non-standard furniture;
  • 24 month warranty;
  • Services for free – driving to the client , design, preparation of proposal;
  • Visualizations of projects.

To facilitate the work with our clients, we will give you various samples and catalogs of production. Please contact us and we will always agree the conditions of further cooperation!!!


Cabinetmakers are offered to cooperate with our company as well. When manufacturing we use modern German sliding saw ALTENDORF F45, German edge banding machine BRANDT, machines of vertical and horizontal drilling, veneer press, machines of wood manufacturing(planing and shaping), equipment of MDF painting.

We offer the following services

  • Cutting of melamine faced boards, panels and worktops;
  • Edge banding of various boards;
  • MDF cutting, priming and painting;
  • Raised panel doors making from wood (oak, ash, birch, pine);
  • Manufacture of wooden products (cutting, lacquering, staining),- window sills, beams, fillets and doors;
  • Manufacture of non-standard furniture;

All products may be delivered to you address by our transport. Please contact us and we will always agree the conditions of further cooperation!!!